London Double Decker Bus Tour (Excursions Day 1)

July 14, 2016

Sunday (the day before we had to actually start class) was our first big day of excursions. I am here on a trip through ISA (International Studies Abroad) and they organize excursions for us. We went on a private double decker bus tour. First we stopped at Buckingham Palace, then we went to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. Then we toured the Tour of London which was super interesting to me because I love learning about King Henry VII (the one who had a bunch of wives and beheaded a few of them) and thats where he kept one of his most famous wives, Anne Boleyn, before her beheading. After the tour we explored London and ended up walking across Tower Bridge, and the London Bridge and walking around by St. Paul's Cathedral. So far I am having a great time and I'm settling in really well! 

Buckingham Palace! 

Westminster Abbey
Big Ben! 

The Tower Bridge 
Inside the Tower of London 

The Crown Jewels were in this building! 
St. Paul's Cathedral 

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