Wednesday, February 22, 2017


When our ISA group went to Sevilla a few weekends ago we also went to Cordoba! Sevilla and Cordoba are often visited together because they are relatively close together and both very important historically. We had yet another walking tour and also some free time to explore the city on our own. Cordoba is relatively small and also really beautiful. Our tour took us through the Jewish Quarter and to a very old Synagogue. Then we went to the Calle de las Flores which is famous for its incredible view of the tower of the Mezquita. Our tour finished with the Mezquita which used to be a mosque then after the "reconquista" (reconquest) of Spain, by the Christians, it was converted into a Church. This is one of the buildings that is most famous for its mix of both Muslim and Christian architecture and is such a good representation of the very multi-cultural history of Spain. The Mezquita is famous for its candy-cane like arches, but the main part of the modern Cathedral is one of my favorites I've ever been to because it is so beautiful. 

The Synagogue. You can see a cross if you look closely from when it was converted into a church. 

Calle de las Flores 

The Mezquita

Different builders made each of the columns and they each signed them like this! 

We tried this little restaurant famous for their "Tortilla Española" 
We explored the city a little bit and found this really cool leather shop. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


A few weekends ago our ISA group went on a weekend trip to Sevilla and Cordoba (my post on Cordoba will be up soon too!) We did a walking tour of Sevilla that included the Alcazaba which is the old palace. Its actually where the royal family still goes when they come to Sevilla. I went on a trip to Sevilla when I was in Spain a few years ago so I had already been to all of the places we went on the tour. The Alcazaba was cool to see from a new perspective because some episodes of Game of Thrones were filmed there so it was neat to see the places from the episodes! After the Alcazaba we went to the Cathedral which is the third largest cathedral in the world! Attached to the Cathedral is the Giralda, which is a really tall bell tower. It has really pretty views of the city. In the evening we had free time and went to the other most iconic place in Sevilla, the Plaza de España, which was built for the Ibero-American exposition in 1929. There is a little section for all the provinces of Spain and it was fun to see the Malága one! 

The Alcazaba 

The Giralda 

Inside the Cathedral

From the top of the Giralda

Plaza de España