El Caminito Del Rey

January 29, 2017

There is this hike in the province of Málaga called the "Caminito del Rey" which used to be one of the most dangerous and scariest hikes in the world. The whole hike is basically a walk on a pathway on the side of the mountain. They recently fixed it up and added railing so that its really safe and not too hard, but if you look at some of the pictures you can see the old pathway which was full of holes and didn't have a rail. I don't love heights so I was a little nervous and skeptical about it but it really wan't too scary and it was so beautiful. Walking across a bridge over the water between the mountains at the end was a little scary because it moves a little bit but other than that it was a really easy hike! The pictures don't do it justice, it was like nothing I've ever seen and it was incredible. Sorry for all the pictures but it was just so beautiful!

El Monte de San Antón

January 25, 2017

Málaga is a really cool city that has both beach and mountains. I really like hiking and so I was really excited when we planned a trip last weekend. A lot of locals suggested el Monte de San Antón, which has a cool cross on the top. The problem is there are no guides on how to get there. My host mother mentioned that if we got off the bus at the same place we get off when we go to school then we would be able to just walk towards the mountain and that eventually there would be no more houses and we would just be able to hike from there. Well we got off the bus where we thought we were supposed to but the bus driver told us it was actually the stop before (the bus driver actually misinformed us, but that will come later). So we started to walk towards the mountain and then we ended up hiking part way up another mountain before realizing that it was not connected to el Monte de San Antón. We ended up walking up what ended up being someone's driveway before realizing it and heading back down. We asked someone on the mountain and they told us to walk through this neighborhood and eventually we would end up on the path to hike the mountain. We started walking through this really nice neighborhood that was on the side of the mountain and after a number of dead ends and some nice people in a restaurant that encouraged us to keep going we found the path. Honestly the majority of the hike was us walking through this very steep neighborhood. When we got to the actual trail there was a little easy hike then a easy path that we couldn't find so we took the hard path which was actually like straight up the mountain. But finally we made it to the top and the views were so worth it! It was so beautiful. 

The people at this restaurant helped send us the right way.