Brighton: London by the Sea

July 22, 2016

Today we took a day trip to the beach town of Brighton, known as "London by the Sea." We toured the Royal Pavilion, which is a large 'Asian inspired' palace and it was really beautiful and the style was really unique (unfortunately there was no photography allowed inside). Then we walked through the town which is made up of chaotic streets filled with lots of shops and cute buildings. We didn't go into any of the shops because we didn't have a ton of time but it was a really cute area. We spent most of the afternoon down by the water and on the pier. The pier has lots of arcade type games and tons of fair food (I had some really good donuts!) There are also a bunch of carnival rides and we went on the tallest one, so we had a great view of the whole city and the water. It was probably the best view you could have of the city even though it didn't last long. After the pier we wandered down to the water and I have to say it was one of the coolest beaches I have been to. Instead of sand the beach is made up entirely of pebbles and stones and the water is so clear! The water really wasn't even that cold and it would have been fun to wade for longer, though the rocks aren't quite as easy to walk on as sand. We also tried Fish and Chips because we heard they were really good by the sea. I don't really like sea food so I didn't love it but I'm glad I tried it since it is such a typical British food. 

The Royal Pavilion

The best view of the city

I tried Fish and Chips! 

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