Weekend in Tucson

February 28, 2018

A few weekends ago I flew to Arizona for a quick weekend trip to visit a friend from high school! I have only been to Arizona one other time but I have to say Arizona weather is ideal this time of year. It has been rainy and relatively cold for most of the past month (though things are beginning to warm up I think!) so the warm weather was ideal. My friend Chandler goes to the University of Arizona in Tucson so we just had a chill weekend there.

Oxford doesn't have a lot of shopping so we were able to catch up on a bit of shopping (I REALLY needed a trip to Sephora). While we were shopping, we visited some puppies and it took everything in me not to take one home! It was her sororities "Mom's Weekend" so we did a few activities for that as well. We went to Top Golf on Saturday, and it was my first time going to a Top Golf and I loved it! I actually won one game, which never happens because I'm incredibly uncoordinated. We just got to eat (and drink) and hang out in the shade while hitting golf balls.

The best part of the weekend (besides catching up with Chandler) was by far laying out at the Loews Ventana Canyon resort in Tucson. School has been especially stressful this semester (I have a senior thesis due really soon) so it was so nice to just have a break in the sun. We had some of the best strawberry Daiquiri's I've ever had by the pool and the weather was perfect. Since Arizona is not humid it didn't feel too hot, but it was still nice and warm. The PERFECT weather to lay by the pool.
We ended the trip with a stop at In-And-Out Burger, which we ate in the car looking out at the mountains. It was the best little weekend getaway!

Madewell Top (similar); JBD Shorts (Boutique Brand); Free Press Bra ; Bauble Bar Choker 

Y'all this suitcase is the best! It's fits everything I need but I can still carry it on! 

Seriously how amazing is this view??

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