Day trip to Oxford

July 24, 2016

Today we went to Oxford! We were able to take a bus called the Oxford Tube for pretty cheap and it was super easy because it just took us straight there and it runs back and forth between London and Oxford every 30 minutes or so. We did a self-guided walking tour that we found online and it was perfect because we were just able to enjoy the city at our own pace. It was really refreshing because we didn't have any place that we had to be after Oxford so we didn't have a time constraint as we did when we went on guided tours. The tour started us out at the Carfax Tower where we were able to go up in the tower for only 2 pounds. It was a really small tower but it had great views of the city and was probably one of my favorite things we did. The rest of the tour took us around to some of the most notable colleges that are part of the University of Oxford. We tried to tour the university Library but tickets sold out before we got the chance. We walked around the grounds of Christ's Church which were beautiful and then toured the church. Some scenes from the first Harry Potter movie were filmed there and it served as the inspiration for the Great Hall in the films. We also went to a really cute little covered market

Christ's Church

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