Harry Potter Studio Tour!

July 20, 2016

Sunday we got to go to "The Making of Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour" which is a few miles outside of the city. This was one of the top things on my list of stuff I wanted to see in London. I didn't plan anything before I came to London because I didn't know anyone in the group I was going with, so I wanted to wait so I could do things with new friends. I tried to buy a ticked for the Studio Tour but it was sold out through August. I happened to be up late one night, and a friend checked the website and found that they sometimes release more tickets at night, sometime around 1 am. So we managed to get tickets and it was so worth it! We ended up spending about 4 hours just roaming around. I've been a Harry Potter fan as long as I can remember and seeing how the movies were made was something of a dream come true. The coolest thing was probably the Hogwarts Castle which was actually just a model, and even though it was on a very small scale it was massive! Sorry for all the pictures but I couldn't help myself! 

Harry's robes from the first movie! 

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