IPSY Glam Bag

June 29, 2015

I've been contemplating subscribe to birch box for a while but I recently heard about "ipsy" which is a similar program. I ultimately decided to sign up for ipsy instead of birch box because its different. One thing thats really nice about ipsy is that you get a different makeup bag each month. For $10 a month I get about 5 "personalized" beauty products shipped to me. I really love programs like this because I LOVE getting packages and mail and I also love trying new beauty products! When you sign up, you take a simple quiz and answer questions about what type of products you usually like so that they can personalize the products you get sent. Everything comes in a cute little pink package and I was really impressed with the products that I was sent this month. 

Eye liner. This bright blue color is super fun. Its not the most practical for everyday use but I could definitely see myself using this if I want to try something different. 

This eye shadow pencil is really nice because its super easy to apply and its something you could just throw in your bag as a "just in case" or for touch ups. 

I've heard great things about smash box primer and I've been wanting to try it, so I'm so glad it was in  my bag! 

This body butter is amazing I LOVE the scent! 

I love this color nail polish! Its a hot pink that is perfect for summer and I think I will be using it all summer! 

This little bag is so cute! Its the perfect size to throw in a purse or something! 

Mini LUSH Haul

June 25, 2015

I've always heard amazing things about LUSH products but I've never bought much from there. We don't have a location near us but when I was in Chicago last week I picked up a few things and I am loving them! 

I've heard excellent things about the Shampoo bars, as they are supposed to be amazing for traveling and I've been told they last forever. I am VERY picky about my shampoo and other hair products and the idea of shampoo that was basically a bar of soap didn't appeal to me. I really did not think I would like it but I was curious so I decided to give it a try. All I can say is that I LOVE it. It works just like a normal shampoo and left my hair feeling great! 

I picked the "Brazilliant" shampoo because I liked the citrus smell and it was recommended by a sales associate for my hair which isn't naturally curly or straight and is somewhat dry but not super dry. I wanted something that would give my hair a little bit of shine but not make it greasy. I've used it a few times already with good results, leaving my hair shiny! 

I was so impressed with my first shampoo bar that I went back when I was in Chicago this week and got another one to try. Honestly I would say I like the "Montalbano" one even more than the other! It has a lemony scent and it is supposed to be deep cleansing. It left my hair smooth and shiny and smells amazing! 

I have really sensitive skin so I am wary of trying new skin care products. I had never really tried a face mask because my face tends to be very dry and I was worried about them being drying. After hearing good things about the fresh face masks from LUSH I finally decided to purchase one. All of their products are natural and they have a variety of different masks so it was not hard finding one that wouldn't irritate my skin. This product has to be refrigerated and has an expiration date but it is definitely worth it! 

"Catastrophe Cosmetic" is made for sensitive skin and isn't supposed to be drying at all. I tried it the first day I got it and loved it. The sales associate told me that many people wear them every 3 days or so, which is what I've been doing because I love the way it makes my skin feel and it smells amazing.   I moisturized my face right after (which I do every night anyway) so it didn't dry it out at all. After using it, my skin felt really soft! 

I've been so impressed with my new LUSH products, I can't way to try some more! Have any favorites? I'd love some suggestions! Let me know in the comments!

Makeup Essentials {Summer Edition}

June 22, 2015

Makeup Essentials by Anchors and Pearls

Happy Monday! And happy summer!! Today I want to share some of my favorite makeup for summer. I don't wear a ton of makeup in the summer but when I do, these are the things that I cannot do without! 

Urban Decay Naked Palette (Anchors and Pearls)

The original Naked Palette is my favorite for summer because I love the more gold/bronze tones with a tan! There are colors that can make it look like you are wearing almost no makeup, and there are colors that can be used for a much more dramatic look. 

This a color that seriously looks good on everybody. It has a slight golden shimmer and also looks great with a tan. It is easy to make it very subtle for daytime or make it a little brighter if thats the look you're going for.

Nars Orgasm Blush

Hourglass Mineral Primer (Anchors and Pearls)

This is the best primer I have tried, and its perfect for mineral foundation. It does not make your face shiny (very important in the summer when its hot!) It also has SPF 15 so even if your foundation doesn't have SPF you don't have to mess around with a layer of greasy sunscreen under your makeup! 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation (Anchors and Pearls)

I think mineral foundations are amazing for summer because they are light and usually not as harsh on your skin (the sun and the heat are bad enough!) Its also super easy to reapply if you sweat. This foundation in particular is supposed to be waterproof and last all day. While I wouldn't say it is 100% waterproof, it does last really well.

Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer (Anchors and Pearls)

Not quite the caliber of my beloved MAC pro-longwear concealer but this is another really good concealer. It goes on really easily (you really don't even need a brush) which makes it super easy to throw in your bag during the summer for touch ups. It is also waterproof so its perfect for days by the pool or the lake, or even if you're just going to be sweating. 

Blinc Mascara Amplified (Anchors and Pearls)

I've mentioned this before but this is my most used Mascara. Its good for daily use because it is really easy to take off. It puts "tubes" on your lashes so if you sweat or get wet its not going to smudge and it will definitely still look good after a long day. It actually doesn't even really come off when you're swimming (unless you rub your eyes). Even if you rub your eyes the most it will do is flake a little bit so its much easier to fix than raccoon eyes! 

Fresh Sugar Lipbalm (Anchors and Pearls)

This is a new product for me, but I have the non-tinted Sugar lip-balms and I love them. Its super hydrating and it has SPF 15. I love this one because it has just a very slight berry tint to it, which adds to any super natural day time look. 

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder (Anchors and Pearls)

This is also a really new product for me, but so far I love it! I wanted a setting powder that would keep my makeup in place all day and this has definitely done the trick. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray (Anchors and Pearls)

Once again, I'm all about makeup that really stays put in the summer. Through sweat, water, you name it I want to be able to be active and not have to worry about all my makeup coming off. This setting spray definitely does the trick. Be careful how much you put on though because it can make your face shiny if you spray too much! 

Vineyard Vines Opening Oakbrook, IL

June 19, 2015

Vineyard Vines Chicago Anchors and Pearls

Today I drove up to the Oakbrook Center mall in the suburbs of Chicago! It is one of my favorite malls and today was the official opening of the Vineyard Vines store! Of course I had to be there because its a brand I love and it is not easy to find in Illinois. The store in Oakbrook Center and another store in Downtown Chicago both opened today. Walking through the mall we got a ton of questions about the whale hats sticking out of our bags, and there was a ton of positive feedback throughout the day! The store was very cute on the inside and everyone working there was super nice! I'm so glad I got the opportunity to be there to see them open and I hope they will be very successful!

Vineyard Vines Chicago Anchors and Pearls

Vineyard Vines Anchors and Pearls

Washington DC Part 3 {Where we ate}

June 17, 2015

This is my final post about my recent trip to Washington, DC! I wanted to share where we ate, because we went a lot of amazing places, and hopefully provide you with suggestions if you're ever in the DC area!

In Georgetown we went to The Tombs for lunch which was recommended by Carly from The College Prepster. For desert we went to Olivia Macaron where I had a strawberry champagne macaron (it was my first one!) and I must say it changed my life! It was amazing! 

For breakfast one morning we went to Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, which was highly recommended when we were searching for doughnut places to try. I am not very adventurous so I only got a vanilla doughnut but they had some really crazy flavors like "maple bacon" for those who are interested in trying something different. 

One of my favorite places that we tried was GCDC (Grilled Cheese District of Colombia!). They had every type of grilled cheese you could ever dream of and you could completely customize it! I am sort of obsessed with grilled cheese and GCDC was fantastic! 

My favorite place we ate on the trip was Sugar Shack. It is a little doughnut place in Alexandria, and it served what were quite possibly the best doughnuts I have ever had. They were huge (my dad and I got a bunch cause we wanted to try them all) and we definitely overcommitted. My favorite was the "Apple Cake Doughnut" which was different than your average doughnut but not too crazy for me either. 

On our last night we went back to Georgetown and tried Georgetown Cupcake from the TLC show "DC Cupcakes." They did not disappoint. At any point there is a line stretching out the door to try them. They had countless flavors to choose from though a few flavors had sold out as we got there right around closing. I tried the "Vegan Apple Cinnamon" cupcake, far from my usual vanilla, and I was very impressed! 

Enjoying a milkshake and cupcakes on our last night! 

Washington DC Part 2 {Days 5-6}

June 16, 2015

 Day 5: Colonial Williamsburg and Shopping!

While my mom was working my dad and I rented a car and drove a few hours to Williamsburg, Virginia to go to Colonial Williamsburg. I LOVE history so Colonial Williamsburg is one of my favorite places. It's so cool to see history preserved on such a vast scale. When we got back to the city we took the Metro out to the Tysons Corner & Tysons Galeria Malls for some shopping!

My dad and I in front of the Governor's Mansion

This was an Essie Nail Polish Vending machine at the mall. What more could you need?
We don't have a Lilly store near us so its always a highlight for me! 

Day 6: National Gallery of Art, Kings Street, and Georgetown!

I love museums that showcase really old art. I love seeing all the different styles throughout history and seeing pieces made by some of the artists I've grown up hearing about. Paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci and Monet were some of the highlights for me. After the museum we took the metro over to Kings Street for some shopping and dinner, then went over to Georgetown for desert! This was the final day of our fabulous trip. It was probably one of my favorite trips to DC! 

There were artists throughout the building recreating masterpieces and it was really amazing to watch!