Just a Little Splinter

February 21, 2019

The other day, I pulled a splinter out of my thumb. It was so small and I was surprised that something so small could cause me so much pain. I noticed the pain a few days earlier and thought maybe I had burned my thumb on something or shut it in a door or a drawer or something else entirely. But then after a few days I noticed the splinter. I tried in vain to get it out with tweezers. After reading about some other ways to take care of it, I realized I would need more supplies. But in spite of the pain in my thumb I was in no hurry to get them because I just genuinely did not feel like going to the store or bothering with the splinter. So I just let my thumb go on hurting until I eventually forced myself to put in the work I needed to take care of it.

Y’all, I willingly allowed myself to suffer because the solution to my problem required more work than I was willing to put in. And it was so silly! Then I thought, how often do we do that with bad habits and sin? Sometimes a seemingly little sin or habit can cause you a lot of pain. And sometimes even though we want to move past a particular sin, or break a particular habit, and to quit allowing it to bring us down, the steps it would take to move on feel like more effort than we are willing to put in. So we just let ourselves suffer. The problem is “small” sins, and “little habits” can spiral into much bigger things if left unchecked. So today and each day I am going to try to do my best to move past my own laziness and put in the work I need to put in in order to move towards holiness.

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Growing Without Your Squad

February 11, 2019

A little over a week ago I finally went to adoration at my church in a town I’ve been living in for over 6 months now. What took me so long to get there? Well a part of me wants to say that the adoration time was hard to fit into my schedule but it is literally 12 pm to 7 pm. I honestly either forgot or made excuses week after week. Finally I went. As I was walking into the little adoration chapel I was keenly aware that I was the only person there who would not qualify for a senior discount. In my college town, adoration was attended by more college students and young adults than any other group. I was constantly surrounded by a little crew of people my age who were striving for holiness and pushing me to grow in my relationship with Christ. I had people holding me accountable. As I sat down in adoration I began to think, you don’t always need your little “striving squad” of other like minded people striving for holiness, to grow in your faith. Of course it’s helpful, and often even life-giving but if you are motivated enough you can be committed to your own journey in faith without anyone’s help.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not me advocating for the fact that you can do it alone. In fact, every time my prayer life has suffered, it has been because I did not have other people to hold me accountable and push me. But, not having a solid group of church friends should not be the reason your prayer life suffers!

This is a note that I wrote to myself in adoration that I would like to share with y’all,

“Do not allow your place in life or your place in your faith be determined by anyone but you. Place your identity and trust in the Lord and takeoff running. Maybe you will look to the side and find someone running alongside you but slow down for no one. Do not be afraid to be too Catholic, or too Christian. Never judge or talk down to anyone but never let anyone drag you down. Society will tell you what you’re doing is not right but the feeling of peace and joy and fulfillment that can come only from Jesus Christ will remind you that you are on the right path. Be steadfast in your pursuit of the Lord. He is constant and He will fill your cup!!”

This is something I really struggled with my first 5 months or so on my own in the real world. I convinced myself that because I wasn’t on a campus with a super active faith community, and because I couldn’t seem to find a lot of young people trying to grow in their faith in my new community, that I was just out of luck and that I could just let my faith life plateau. I didn’t realize that I could continue to grow in my faith and push myself in my faith on my own, I just had to makeup my mind that that’s what I wanted and ask the Lord for help.

Psalm 22 & God's Perfect Plan

February 5, 2019

Hey y’all! I hope you’re having a great day, wherever you are. A few weeks ago I got to mass early to go to confession and spend some time in prayer. I was flipping through my bible randomly, something I do more frequently than I care to admit. I often find myself flipping through the Psalms just waiting for something to jump out at me. Well, Psalm 22 really jumped out at me. I’m no expert on the Bible (hence me flipping through it at random) but I did a study last year on Salvation History. This Psalm is one of many places in the Bible that foreshadows the death and crucifixion of Christ. Psalm 22 is called “The Prayer of an Innocent Person”. I would definitely recommend reading the whole thing at some point if you have a chance but I wanted to highlight a few things: 

“Dogs surround me; a pack of evildoers closes in on me. They have pierced my hands and my feet I can count all my bones. They stare at me and gloat; they divide my garments among them; for my clothing they cast lots.” Psalm 22:17-19

This is the “prayer of an innocent person”. It foreshadows exactly what will happen to Jesus. David wrote this like 1000 years before Jesus’ time! 

Anyway all of this really got me thinking about how God has ALWAYS had a plan for each one of us. He has meticulously planned each detail for all of history. Yes, we have free will obviously but he has this plan for us that is so much greater than anything we could dream up. He has had a wonderful plan for our lives since before even our ancestors’ ancestors were even dreamed of by their ancestors. The bible is so full of His meticulous planning and foreshadowing that took 1000s of years to fulfill but shows how perfectly He plans each and every little detail. This was a good reminder for me to TRUST in Him, and trust in His timing and have patience because His plan is PERFECT.