About Me

Hi, okay welcome to my blog! I've done the whole "blogging thing" off an on since I started college. I graduated from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) where I was a member of the Delta Gamma Sorority. I am originally from the Midwest, I was born and raised in Central Illinois, but I feel that I'm a southerner at heart! I decided to stay in Mississippi after graduating college and am now a middle school Spanish teacher. I LOVE my job. I also love fashion and finding good deals because I'm on a #teacherbudget but I splurge on nicer pieces that will last as well. I'm a lover of all things blush pink and cozy. I am a dog mom and I'm obsessed with my sweet F1b mini golden doodle, Bentleigh. I like to read, but don't make nearly enough time for it. I also binge watch a lot of TV and have seen New Girl too many times to count. I love cookies, and cheese, and wine, and any type of frozen drink. I could pretend I have my life together but I really don't, my life is messy and complicated and fun. I'm Catholic, and I am in a stage of my life where I really have to just "let go and let God" as they say. 
Thanks for stopping by!