Keeping Your Life Together Until Summer

April 1, 2015

If you're like me then you like to plan ahead. While, my life isn't particularly organized, my planner sure is. If you're looking for a way to stay organized, and stay on top of your school work for this last part of the semester then keeping a planner (and actually filling it out!) could be the thing you need!

I have a Lilly Pulitzer Planner, and it's basically responsible for keeping me on track and on time, in all areas of my life.

Here's how I keep it organized:

*I only use Papermate "Flare" Pens so that everything looks uniform
*I use certain colors for certain things (purple for school, pink for sorority, green for birthdays, etc.)
*I use letter abbreviations for reoccurring events, and keep a key in the "Notes" section each month.
*I use Washi Tape to block of certain days (like big trips or going home for a weekend).
*I use the Lilly Stickers that come with the planner, as well as the "School" and "Greek" sets that you can buy separately for big things or even just to add a little bit of a cuteness factor. 

Hang in there, SUMMER is on the way!!

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