A Visit from the Easter Bunny

April 6, 2015

Anchors and Pearls Lilly Pulitzer Easter Basket

Lilly Pulitzer Easter Basket and Jack Rodgers Anchors and Pearls

The Easter Bunny was very good to me this year and my basket was FILLED with Lilly! If you haven't caught on, I'm obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer. I love pink and I think the patterns are so fun, and besides it seems nearly impossible to be in a bad mood when your clothes are that bright and fun. It's my go-to for summer and spring and I'm so excited to break out all my Lilly favorites again. The "Lunch with Lilly" gifts with purchase special was a few weeks ago and I have a feeling that's where most of my basket came from as I noticed many of the free gifts! While it can be annoying that Lilly doesn't have regular sales (aside from the twice a year sale) they do have frequent gifts with purchase specials where you can get tons of cool stuff that you can't buy from the store by itself (like the super cute weekender bag that I will now be using for every trip between school and home!)

One of my favorite things I got was the new key fob! If you're looking to treat yourself or looking for a gift for a friend I would definitely recommend it! It's reasonably priced, super cute, and perfect for keeping track of your keys over the summer! 

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