Birkenstocks Are Back

April 15, 2015

Birkenstocks Mayari Habana Oiled Leather Sandals Anchors and Pearls

As a little girl, I refused to wear anything BUT Birkenstocks. I had a little pair of bright blue ones that I wore everyday until I outgrew them when I got another pair of the exact same shoes in a bigger size. Eventually we couldn't find them anymore and I started wearing what I thought were more fashionable shoes. Suddenly last year I noticed Birkenstocks were back and EVERYWHERE, even at Nordstrom (that definitely got my stamp of my approval). I bought myself a pair of Soft Footbed Arizona Habana Oiled Leather Sandals and I wore them nearly everyday last summer, constantly in the fall and even sometimes with socks in the winter (*gasp*) but they were just that comfortable! They were perfect for walking to class in the Mississippi heat. A few weeks ago I decided to invest again, and went with a pair of Mayari Habana Oiled Leather Sandals (even though they didn't come in the "soft footbed" which I would definitely recommend!) because they had a little bit of a cuter vibe. 

Have you invested in a pair of Birkenstocks yet? 

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  1. Are those Mayaris the oiled leather in Habana? I love the color!