Shania Twain Concert

July 15, 2015

On Monday my mom and I went to a Shania Twain Concert in Indianapolis! Shania was my favorite singer growing up and when I heard she was coming back out on tour I was so excited. We got our tickets a few months ago but we didn't actually know who the opener was until the day of the concert. We were so lucky because it was Gavin DeGraw and I love him! He was a really great performer and I pretty much knew all of his songs! It was an amazing concert. Shania was fabulous! The concert had a lot of pyrotechnics and stuff and it was super 80's rock concert-esque so it was really exciting and cool!   

Gavin DeGraw was amazing! 
Here's my whole outfit! 

This is how close we got to her! She came out into the audience! 

Check out her shoes! 


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