RUSH TIPS Part 1: Preparing for Recruitment

July 9, 2015

Going through Sorority recruitment was probably the best decision I made in college so far. I always knew I wanted to RUSH, especially when I decided to go to a southern school where Greek life is so popular. Being from the North, I was told that Rush would be more difficult for me and honestly I was terrified. Everyone said that Rush at a big southern school was so intense and I heard all of these "horror stories" about it. My advice to those who are thinking about Rushing is, do it! For me, it was so fun and nothing like the "horror stories" I had heard. 

One thing that really helped me to have the best possible Rush was being so prepared. I wanted to share some of the things that really helped me. 

The first thing you can do is have good grades and be involved. If you are still in high school, I can't stress this enough. Good grades, community service and extra curricular activities are really important in showing that you are a well rounded young lady and would be an asset to any sorority. My good grades and my extracurriculars really helped me throughout the whole process. There are typically different grade zones which vary from school to school, and can determine if you get cut quickly from a house that is concerned with grades or not. I had great grades in high school so I was in the green zone and had no problems. 

**I have not yet been on the other side of Rush so I would like to say that none of the things I have mentioned or will mention in future posts are from the perspective of my sorority but rather I am sharing the advice that helped me have a great Rush. 


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