My 4th of July Weekend Up North!

July 7, 2015

Hey y'all! I just got home after a nice week up north at my friend Chandler's Grandparent's lake house near Minoqua, Wisconsin! This was my fifth year going with her and it has become the highlight of my summer! We spend our days going out on the lake, boating, swimming, and messing around on the paddle board. Chandler's grandma works at a nearby boys camp so we go over to the camp for their events a lot, and we're friends with some of the councilors. They live on Trout Lake which is so clear and beautiful (we even wash our hair in the lake!) The weather was perfect for our trip with warm sunny days and the lake water wasn't too cold. 

Dressed up for dinner at the Country Club. 

As many times as we have been in the area, we never knew that Woodruff, Wisconsin is home to the Worlds Largest Penny! 

All dressed up for the "Third of July Party"
Fourth of July! 

The whole Wisconsin group! 
We rented a two person kayak for our last day! 

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