RUSH Tips Part 2: Letters of Reccomendation

July 29, 2015

Another thing that is really important for the whole sorority recruitment process is getting letters of recommendation from an alumna of the sorority. It just has to be someone who was a part of that sorority during their time in school and has graduated. If you are a legacy (you have a sister, mother, grandmother, or step-sister/step-mother) who was a member of that sorority they can indicate that on your letter of recommendation. One reccomendation for each sorority should be sufficient but sending more than one letter is definitely okay (I tried to send 3 to each sorority.) 

In order to help the people who agree to write you a letter of recommendation you should prepare a resume to send to them along with a picture! 

I really didn't know that many people who had been in sororities so I was not entirely sure how to go about getting letters of recommendation at first.

If you are having trouble getting letters of recommendation or are unsure of where to start this is what I would suggest: 
  • Ask your family members! Aunts, uncles, first cousins, second cousins, everyone! 
  • Family friends, or your friend's moms or sisters are also a great resource. I had some family friends who wrote me letters of recommendation and gave me other names of people to reach out to as well! 
  • Reach out to your teachers, many of them might have been in sororities in school.
  • If you're still in contact with any old babysitters, or the parents of kids you babysit for, reach out to them. 
  • If you still need letters of recommendation, you can reach out to the local alumni association, I got a few letters of recommendation by asking alumni associations! 
Seriously reach out to people! Most people are happy to help! 

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