Pope Francis & the Vatican!!!!

March 4, 2017

On Sunday, I booked a later flight to leave Rome so that I could stay and see the Pope. On Sundays when he is in town, he does this blessing called the Angelus, where he speaks for about 15 minutes from a very distant window above St. Peter's Square. I know for "Audiences" with the Pope people start lining up very early in the morning to get a good spot, and I had heard the Angelus wouldn't be that bad because he is so far away you can see him wherever you stand. I still got there pretty early and I just want to a mass in St. Peter's Basilica then hung out outside in St. Peter's Square. Being there as early as I was I was able to pick the closest possible place to stand where I could still see him and he was still so far away. I honestly think Pope Francis is incredible though, he is so holy and honestly just the most adorable man and he is doing good things for the Catholic church. So no matter how far away I was, or how long I waited (like 2 hours just before other people showed up to wait) it was completely worth it to see him in person and hear him speak. Technically I didn't understand much of what he said because he spoke in Italian and Latin but I kind of got the sentiment. 

Zoomed in as far as my camera could zoom. 
This is a screen shot zoomed in of my zoomed in camera shot.

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