Pompeii (& Naples)

March 3, 2017

Originally we had planned to spend half of our fourth (and last full day) in the ruins of Ostia Antica near the city, and the rest of the day in Rome but while we were in Rome we changed our plans and booked a guided trip to Pompeii and Naples. This was a little more expensive but completely worth it. We had to get up early and meet our tour guide in the Piazza del Popolo. From there we were split into small groups and we took a bus to the ancient ruins of Pompeii. Along the way our tour guides gave us useful information about the tour and tips for our stay in rome as well as fun facts about the places we were passing through. We had a local guide in Pompeii and it was really interesting to see and learn about. I was amazed at how well-preserved some of the buildings were, especially some of the pain that is 2000 years old and still visible on the walls! Most of the streets were still intact which made it so easy to picture normal people just living normal lives in the city back then. It was a fairly cloudy day but the rain held off enough that we still were able to catch a glimpse of Mt. Vesuvius. After our tour of the city we went to a little pizza place where you could watch your pizza being made. Pizza was included in the price of the tour which was really nice. After lunch we headed to Naples and unfortunately with such a quick trip we weren't able to really explore but we all went to the National Archeological Museum of Pompeii. There were a ton of cool pieces that were found in Pompeii and there was also an exhibit on ancient Egypt which was interesting too. After that we headed back to the city and arrived with just the right amount of time to grab some dinner before going back to the Air B&B to pack. 

Theatre of Pompeii (especially cool to see after learning about it in class last semester). 

The stepping stones in the middle of the street were because the streets flooded when it rained. 

Incredible how well preserved this house was. 

The details still visible are just incredible. 
This was a dining room that they built on top of even older ruins. 

Shoutout to the Romans for the ovens that give us Pizza as we know it today. 

This was actually a gym and bath. 

A perfectly preserved person. 
The ancient Romans had very advanced systems of water. 
All of the floors inside houses used to be covered in these tile mosaics. 

You can see Mt. Vesuvius in the background. 

Pizza was born in Naples, and this was definitely one of the best pizzas I've ever tasted. 
The Chef was super friendly when we went back to take pictures and watch him cook. 

Some interesting stuff from the museum in Naples.

This was just so small and detailed.

I needed to post just one more picture of Italian food!


  1. Wow! These photos are beautiful!!
    xo, Syd