April 16, 2017

While my parents were in Málaga, we took a day trip to Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a territory of the UK but it is at the southernmost tip of Spain and it is very close to Morocco. It was cool because they spoke a mix of Spanish and English because it is an English territory but it is so closely connected with Spain. We took a bus trip that had the option to just ride the bus to get to Gibraltar or to take a tour and after hearing recommendations from a friend, we chose to just take the bus there and find our own tour once we got there. The bus trip took far longer than it should have because we had to stop frequently in different towns to pick up more people but it got us there so we couldn't complain. Once we arrived in Gibraltar we quickly grabbed some lunch then walked towards the mountain where we caught a taxi guided tour to the top. Basically in Gibraltar there are a bunch of taxi services that bring people on a tour of the mountain for a set price. Our tour took us to the Pillar of Hercules, which was under construction but had a good view of Africa, the caves, a lookout that is famous for having the most tame of the famous gibraltar monkeys, and an old Muslim castle. The monkeys are probably one of the most famous things about the rock of Gibraltar and when one of my friends went his tour guide had a monkey sit on his shoulders. It looked awesome so I requested for our guide to help me get a monkey on my shoulders as well. He lured a very small cute one onto my shoulders but then a larger one jumped on instead! I didn't know how to get it to get off of me so I just stood there for a few minutes before my tour guide told me to just walk and it would jump off. He told me that I wasn't supposed to touch the monkey but that it could touch me but as I started walking it started to wobble so I put my hand up to kind of steady it, and it grabbed onto my arm in order to jump off. It was really large and very strong so it actually left a scratch and a pretty nasty bruise when it grabbed on but honestly it was completely worth it!

View of Spain
View of Morocco 

Inside the caves. 

A nice small monkey!  
*Unaware that he sees the larger monkey and is about to jump off*
Then there was a large monkey on my back. Very casual. 

Very ready for him to be off of my back. 

A road that goes in the middle of an airplane runway. 


  1. Thanks for sharing these picture of Gibraltar and posting about your experience. I didn’t know much about the place before I read your post. So this was an interesting read for me.