Makeup Monday: Cover Fx Foundation Compare and Contrast

January 11, 2016

I have not used a true liquid foundation since the 6th grade when I bought my first Clinique makeup. The closest thing I've used has been a BB cream. But lately I haven't been happy with the coverage of my powder foundations lately so I went to Sephora to try a new one and it was suggested that I try the Cover Fx Pressed Mineral Foundation which offers more coverage. I was also told that I should consider trying the Cover Fx Natural Finish Oil Free Liquid Foundation which would provide more coverage but its oil free (which is very important to me). I purchased the powder foundation and went home with a sample of the liquid foundation but ended up going back to purchase it a few days later. 

Cover Fx Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation

As I mentioned earlier, I have never really used liquid foundation so this is very odd for me but overall I have been very happy the Cover Fx Natural Finish Oil Free Liquid Foundation! It offers a lot of coverage and I would definitely use it for special events! I don't think I could personally get used to wearing a liquid foundation everyday (especially to class where I really don't like to wear much makeup at all) but if I wanted more coverage I would definitely use this. My only complaint is that even though it is oil free, and I use a mattifying primer, my face still seems to be a little bit shiny by the end of the day.

Cover Fx Pressed Mineral Foundation 

I love the Cover Fx Pressed Mineral Foundation! It offers a ton of coverage especially for being a powder foundation. Its layer able so you have the option to have a very thin layer if you don't want a lot of coverage or use more if you need more coverage. It lasts pretty well but I sometimes do have to reapply towards the end of the day. The fact that its a pressed powder makes it very easy to throw in your purse to use for touch ups throughout the day! I have used it to touch up my foundation when I've worn the mineral foundation but also when I've used the liquid foundation and it works really well!

Overall I am very happy with both of them and I think they both make great additions to my makeup collection but I would personally choose the pressed mineral foundation over the liquid foundation for every day use!

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