RUSH Tips Part 3: What to wear for Recruitment

August 27, 2015

Some of the girls from my floor on Greek Day.

So every college does Recruitment differently but I wanted to share what I wore for recruitment each night here at Ole Miss for those of you who are thinking of rushing. At Ole Miss we have 5 rounds, but some of the rounds last two days. 

Greek Day is the first day (it used to be called water parties). This round is very casual and a T-shirt is provided. Some girls wear Nike Shorts and tennis shoes with their T-shirt, which is definitely acceptable. I wore plain Lilly Pulitzer shorts (they're very similar to J. Crew Chino shorts) and Tory Burch sandals. Whether you dress up the T-shirt or choose to make it more casual really just depends on your personality. (See above picture.)

Philanthropy Round is the second round of Recruitment and it is also pretty casual. You don't go back to every house for this round but you are at each house for longer so at Ole Miss they break it into two days. A t-shirt is also provided for philanthropy round. Since it is broken into two separate days some girls wear different shorts for the different days but personally I just wore the exact same outfit because you don't go to the same houses both days. I wore Lilly Pulitzer printed shorts because they happened to match but a lot of girls wear J. Crew Chino shorts or something similar. 

Philanthropy Round Day 1

Philanthropy Round Day 2

Sisterhood (it used to be called skit) is the third round of Recruitment, and it is also 2 days at Ole Miss. This is definitely the most fun rounds of Recruitment for most people because it is where you can really see the personality of each sorority. Each house puts on some type of skit where they showcase the talents of some of their members. This is a formal round and most people wear dresses. A lot of people also wear wedges but only wear them if you feel comfortable walking in them! This is a super fun and not too serious round so your outfit can definitely reflect that and you can use it to show off your personality! I definitely took advantage of being able to wear a fun dress and went with a bright pink one!

Sisterhood Round 

Sisterhood Round
Pref (Preference) is the final round and it is by far the most serious. This is the night when you decide what sisterhood you want to join and be a part of for the rest of your life. The sororities are making sure that you would be a good fit for their house and you are making sure that you feel like you would belong. This is the most formal night and most girls wear nice dresses and heels (but once again do not wear heels unless you feel comfortable walking in them). The serious nature of the night means that your dress should be serious--bright dresses would not fit in at pref. A lot of girls wear black or neutral colors.

Pref Night
Pref Night

Bid Day is basically a holiday in sorority world and it is one of the most fun days ever! It is when you get to "go home" and find where you belong! At Ole Miss (and at some other schools but not all other schools) they will give you a shirt with your new letters to put on that you get to wear all day, so just dress neutrally. It is very casual so nike shorts are perfectly acceptable and I just wore a tank top since I knew I would be putting a shirt over it!

Bid Day (before our "Bid Day Jerseys")

Here is the shirt they gave us, we call it a "Bid Day Jersey"
Honestly, you're going to see so many girls wearing pearls, monogram necklaces, Tory Burch shoes, Jack Rodgers, J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, etc. (especially if you're rushing in the south) but don't let what other people are wearing dictate what you're wearing too much! If you want to wear those things, go for it, I did! Your personality should shine through in whatever you wear. And if you don't want to wear those things, don't feel like you have to conform! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you're wearing! If you're confident and comfortable, it won't really matter what your wearing.

**I have not yet been on the other side of Rush so I would like to say that none of the things I have mentioned or will mention in future posts are from the perspective of my sorority but rather I am sharing the advice that helped me have a great Rush. 

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