Just a Little Splinter

February 21, 2019

The other day, I pulled a splinter out of my thumb. It was so small and I was surprised that something so small could cause me so much pain. I noticed the pain a few days earlier and thought maybe I had burned my thumb on something or shut it in a door or a drawer or something else entirely. But then after a few days I noticed the splinter. I tried in vain to get it out with tweezers. After reading about some other ways to take care of it, I realized I would need more supplies. But in spite of the pain in my thumb I was in no hurry to get them because I just genuinely did not feel like going to the store or bothering with the splinter. So I just let my thumb go on hurting until I eventually forced myself to put in the work I needed to take care of it.

Y’all, I willingly allowed myself to suffer because the solution to my problem required more work than I was willing to put in. And it was so silly! Then I thought, how often do we do that with bad habits and sin? Sometimes a seemingly little sin or habit can cause you a lot of pain. And sometimes even though we want to move past a particular sin, or break a particular habit, and to quit allowing it to bring us down, the steps it would take to move on feel like more effort than we are willing to put in. So we just let ourselves suffer. The problem is “small” sins, and “little habits” can spiral into much bigger things if left unchecked. So today and each day I am going to try to do my best to move past my own laziness and put in the work I need to put in in order to move towards holiness.

P.S. Here are the outfit details if you're interested!! 

Top: PST by Project Social T (from Nordstrom)- Similar Here 
I'm wearing a size Large.

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