Christmas in Chicago!!

December 23, 2015

We have had a super warm winter so far! When I came back to Illinois from school I was expecting it to be freezing because Illinois is usually super cold at this time of year but it has been in the 50s and even the 60s a lot this week! So when my mom and I took our annual Christmas trip to Chicago, the weather wasn't bad at all! We always go up to Chicago and go shopping, look at the Christmas lights and then eat dinner at the Walnut Room! The Walnut Room is a restaurant at the top of the Macy's in downtown Chicago and it is the most festive place to eat because they always decorate really well! If you want to eat there you have to go put your name in early in the day on a list for a table and they will give you a pager and tell you what time to come back to eat! Another fun thing to do in Chicago at Christmas time is go to the Christkindlmarket where they have tons of artisans from different countries! I had crepes and some of the best apple cider I've ever had!

Writing a letter to Santa! 

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  1. I love Chicago, it is on my bucket list for so long.For me it is the best place in the world.I would definitely visit Chicago in Christmas!